Saturday, September 25, 2010


The BOOK certainly was inspiring and got my juices going about learning the history of graphic design. I also was motivated to STUDY this history by the observation in the preface that ”…we begin to see what was essential and what was important, to see why things happened as they did and to write history…” Alston W. Purvis. This is true in all aspects of life in general.

  • I especially loved the historical chapters with its samples of ancient drawing and writing. How colorful were the medieval time period. Knowing they were all done painstaking by hand is truly edifying!
  • To me all art is design and design is art. Maybe I need to learn some more but doesn't the artist have to "design" his artwork? The same with a graphic artist.
  • Typography is little pieces of artwork. I love letters and in the book it shows the introduction of the major fonts.